Friday, 20 August 2010

Barbel jinx part whatever

As I drove home in the dark after another unsuccessful barbel fishing session I pondered on what had just happened and what I should write for this blog entry. The first thing that came to me is that this jinx may not actually be a jinx at all, but instead may be a curse. Then after this revelation it didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that typing this one up would be a frivolous waste of precious keyboard letter paint and instead decided to spend my time researching possible ways to lift the afore mentioned curse.

Here are some links to websites I found should any readers have a similar curses, hexes or examples of fishing damnation that need some attention.

I hope this may help you should you have perch problem, carp curse or if your just having a game with gudgeon.


  1. Danny, I fixed my hex with a libation to the Gods of the River, after losing yet another big fish in a string of inexplicable disasters that saw me lose every big fish of any species that I hooked.

    I popped the cork from a bottle of champaign. It flew a mile and landed midstream, I poured a little of the precious liquid in the waters and invoked the lifting of the hex, forthwith. We necked the rest of course, and at midnight I landed a PB barbel.

    Have not lost anything but the normal proportion of big fish since.

  2. mmm a libation... that might not be a bad idea. I suppose I could burn the fat of a black ram on the banks of the Avon to please the river gods.

  3. The trick is to break the victim cycle, to take your power back, to believe that a curse can't infect you or anyone around you and not to drop into fear.
    To change your luck, lift a curse, or generally dispel negativity, take a hot bath in which nutmeg has been steeped, or to which a strong infusion of nutmeg has been added.

    However this website does have naked Russian girls on the top of the page so not sure how good this is!

  4. mmm naked russian girls... they would dispel any bad vibes. though I don't know how much fishing I would get done if I took them with me.

  5. Do not ask me I can hook them but they only get off!!!! Sort out a session on the Severn.

  6. Good luck on Sunday if you go. If you want to go the the Severn just call me.