Monday, 11 October 2010

A quicky down the cut.

I had a day off with Jacky midweek and she had made the declaration that she would like to have a little bit of a lie in as she had worked all weekend. Upon hearing this I began to feel the stirrings of an idea for an early morning session before she awoke. After promising to be back for ten thirty I got all my kit ready to race out before first light for a quick Ruffe foray on the nearest bit of cut.

I pulled up at hawksbury just before it was light which gave me enough time to get ready to cast out as soon as I could see the float. I had returned to the stretch of canal where I had fished a week before and suspected stood a good chance of containing  at least one Ruffe, maybe!

I won't go into the details as I fished exactly the same as I have the last two times apart from the addition of a long line albeit with the same rig and baits.

I caught constantly for the whole three hours. In fact I was very surprised when I realized that I was getting one a chuck.

Not a Ruffe

Every time I caught one of these little perch my excitement rose until it arrived in hand and another perch was confirmed.

Loads of these fell to the long line.

A surprise Rudd.

Every five casts or so turned up a bigger Sargent.

Near the end of the session the Roach began to get bigger too.


The bigger perch stuck around all day and the last chuck produced yet another decent sarge. In a little over three hours I had caught well over five pounds of canal fish of just about most of the species that inhabit this canal.

But still no

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  1. Looks like a great time was had Danny! Super mixed bag. How much were the tickets?