Thursday, 9 June 2011

Pest or not?

Q. What makes something a pest?

This was a question I posed to myself as I stood awaiting a run in the dark on the canal the other night.
I myself as I leave the house laden with tackle and a sarnie in my mouth often just say to my beloved "I am off fishing see you later" and therein lies my point. Fishing! I rarely say I am off  eel fishing, carp fishing or Zander fishing. I just say fishing. Therefore all I am making point of is intend to try and catch fish not anything specific.
Now in my own mind I know that there is normally in my day to day fishing some kind of target species that I am aiming for, as I was on this particular session targeting eels, but realistically we can never use one so specific tactic that will only catch one species and one species only whilst avoiding all others, That's probably a good thing to be honest, as how often can any angler actually say that when looking down the barrel of a blank or skunk or whatever you want to call it on a bad day that you wouldn't give anything to catch even the most annoying of pest species, just to feel even the smallest fight of a fish.

But on the other hand when the fishing is good and all you can catch iswhat you're  not looking for, everything suddenly becomes a pest.

The other night is a great example for me because after all of ten minutes one of my rods ripped off and I found that the cause of this monstrous run was in fact not the ten pound eel I was hoping for but a tiny Zander. Now for me the first fish gets a pass because it took away the chance of me encountering old Mr blanky but after two more exactly the same size they suddenly became a pest.

I love catching Zander but when eel fishing they truly are a pain... but add eight pounds and it ain't a pest no more!

The next pest that picked up my 2oz dead roach really whacked off even more than the first three. Now this was defiantly not an eel so technically that made it a pest on this trip.

Pest or not?
(excuse the poor pic. Me the the camera were not on good terms for that one)

As the light faded the next wave of pests came out to play and my rod tips began to bounce like the rear suspension of a car parked in lovers lane. I knew what was going on and it was only a matter of time before one came bankwards.

The crayfish were on the town tonight and boy were they hungry! They took every thing that went in the water, even grabbing baits before they hit bottom. I landed about seven or eight of the horrid little buggers and whilst trying to detach one huge example from my line I caught wind of a rather bad pong. Initially I thought I had stood on a pile of dog walkers surprise in the dark but soon realised it was actually the Ronnie that stank (If anyone has any explanation of why it should stink please let me know) so it was unceremoniously kicked back in. An hour of bounce bounce bounce and beep beep beep and I could stand it no more and left eel less once again.

Somewhere in the crayfish meleé I did however think of an answer to my own question of 

Q. what makes something a pest?

A. We do.


There was something I meant to share with all my fellow anglers on my last blog but felt that before I made mention of it that it needed a bit more research and Field testing.
On my last few sea trips I have struggled to shift the determined aroma of bait from my hands as it reeks (a fact Jeff off of Idlers Quest a avid sea angler will confirm for sure) and whilst trying to find a hardcore detergent I found this stuff.

And it is brilliant!!! It shifted crab, squid, rag worm and lug worm stink no problem. Having now brought it home and tried it on several flavours and baits including the source which is a renowned stubborn one I feel confident to recommend it to anyone. And not only does it work but the other half will not object to it gracing the kitchen sink unlike a trade size pot of swarfega.

Happy hand washing.


  1. Great story! I would still be happy with the fish since I don't get to go out very often

  2. Brilliant post! It's all in how you look at it, eh? I went carp fishing Sunday, and all I caught were Bluegill. Pests! ;) That perch you're holding is incredible! Beautiful fish! And I'll have to try this handwash.....I get pretty stinky on weekends!

  3. I have a hot tip for a monster eel oh Danny-boy.

    No Zeds, no perch, no Ronny's, just nuisance carp. Fancy it?

  4. Nice post. It's hard to imagine calling such a nice perch a pest, but I thoroughly understand your sentiment. Thanks for the hand soap recommendation too.

  5. Kicking a reggie back in? What's that all about Danny. As well as being illegal (so I understand) it is your duty, as being of the Angling Persuasion, to stab the bloody things with a bank stick!

  6. For anyone interested I did forget to say that the hand wash was bought from Asda who are owed by the US company walmart so if you want to try it they may well have it in stock :)

    Dave I am fully aware of the no return policy on non native species in the UK and would just point out that it was kicked back in! As I have size 11 feet you know what that means. Big feet.... dead Ronnie ;)

    Keith if it's the water I think you are talking about. yes I am interested and I also have stumbled upon some interesting info which will save us time and focus our efforts ;)

  7. The hand wash may be great but guys, do avoid any detergent containing tea tree oil as it it rots your balls off...

    You will be a girly in no time, boobs 'n all.