Friday, 18 January 2013


Last night whilst the world outside froze hard and frigid I lay warm under down. In the stillness of the night my mind soared free and I dreamt of a fish. It was a huge bulbous carp with golden orange belly that faded up into its almost black-gold back. The great fish had not one single scale on it's entire body and the skin was so soft and perfect that again and again I rubbed my hand across it's side. Its protruding mouth was so big, it could have sucked up apples like peanuts and it's frightened eye looked more human than I felt comfortable with.

I don't remember putting it into a sling, though I can recall the face of my scales and the red needle bouncing back and forth as the great fish struggled. The weight could have been twenty three or thirty two pounds but of which I am not quite sure, as my brain wouldn't allow one to stand out more than its opposite.

I could not decipher where or how I had caught this amazing fish as the water from where it came was not envisioned in my dream. All I can remember was looking across a empty scrub horse field on a hot summers day and seeing an ancient gate half open. It had obviously been that way for some time as tall grass grew around its base and brambles wove their way through near its hinge. Back and forth I kept looking to the gate maybe with the hope of seeing someone who might help me.

No one appeared and I looked back to the mighty carp gasping at my knees. Now panic struck me the fish did not have long. I looked up at the bright sun then down at the fish and then at my arm on which I could feel the suns burning rays.

Hot and panicked I struggled to ready my camera. The ground was so hard the bank stick would not dig any more than a inch or so in and every time I let go, the camera fell to one side. Eventually it held and looking into the screen the brightness of the sun obscured just about everything from sight. Then I found myself struggling to pick up the carps mass. The red light of my camera was flickering away indicating the ever decreasing timer and I could not control the fish at all. The side of the fish not exposed to the sun was so slimy my hands could not grip, and on the other it had become so sticky dry that my grip gave it purchase to flip against me.

After one only attempt I looked at the cameras tiny screen and saw my blurry face and a giant orange mass below it; neither were recognisable. I looked back across the field to the gate. And then I woke up!

Dreams of fish are nothing new to me but this one felt very strange indeed. I have no idea what this means, whether it is some kind of omen or hint of subconscious fear. I have the last few days been weighing up the pros and cons of various unhooking mats I was considering buying, so maybe that has something to do with it.
Frankly I think I might seize the day and go to the tackle shop this weekend and buy that Korum multi mat I decided on. Hopefully that might ease my sleep.


  1. I think I need to start worrying about you

  2. It'll be the size of mat you'll need Danny. 23 x 32 inches. Bleedin' obvious!

  3. Maybe it'll be 32x23 inches in length and girth! A massive football of a fish...

    I give up mate! Those numbers are a head F^&K!