Wednesday, 6 March 2013

And the winner is!!!

Thanks to all of you that put forward your ideas to the identity of the that odd little silver sliver I caught whilst fishing  on the broads last weekend.
A few of you got it right by saying that it was actually a smelt.

The particular southern broad I was fishing, though officially fresh water, does have a link to the sea via a lock which enables large or sea going vessels to enter and leave the broad. This tiny link to salt water does quite often lead to some very strange captures for anglers more used to catching roach, perch and bream. In the past I have seen people catch dabs and flounders amongst roach and skimmers.Once whilst eel fishing on a warm summers night I spotted no less than ten huge mullet drifting around just under the surface of the water. Not that I could catch one for trying, mind.

Three people got it right and with fairness in mind Martin, John and stevetheteacher will all get put into the prize draw.

So without further ado my worryingly hirsute and thankfully non Lycra clad assistant will draw the winner from this particularly gaudy hat.

And the winner is?.......


Message me your address Steve and I will post your bottle of home brewed ladybird wine to you. As for whether you drink it, that's up to you. Be warned, it does seem to have very mysterious effects due to the large amount of alkaloid exuding ladybirds that may, or may not, have have been amongst the grapes when I crushed them.


  1. Dan, not sure if I'm pleased not to win mate.
    Mind you Jeff would have helped me to dispose of it safely in an environmentaly friendly way.

    1. Martin if you shared it with Jeff you would not get so much as a sniff for sure :)

  2. stevetheteacher6 March 2013 at 10:35

    Thankyou. I would like to thank...

    Daniel for posing an excellent challenge.

  3. Being a bit of a Luddite, how do I contact you?

    1. Sorry Steve I thought I had set up the facility to email me via my blog. Turns out I hadn't!
      You can send your address to and I will get your prize sent off as soon as I can ;)