Friday, 7 February 2014

Fish eye #3 Small zander

A small zander from a turbid winter canal.
I had originally said I intended to hold off on writing anything in these fish eye posts, but straight away I find myself unable to keep to my own rules and it's all this little zander's fault!

What can I say apart from I was really surprised by this picture. So often already when out on the bank I struggle to obtain the right angle of light in order to illuminate the fishes eye sufficiently so a macro shot can be taken. Then when I download the plethora of pictures I have taken and begin searching through them all I find one solitary gem where the light and camera have worked perfectly together to reveal something I never knew.

The zander, of all the fish I wanted to photograph, I suspected would have probably the most boring of eyes. Turns out that if you catch them in right light they are not as dull as I have always assumed. Both the eye and the paler areas of skin of the zander seem to have an almost iridescent hue in bright sunlight, which in low light or darkness would probably never appear. Given that the two aforementioned conditions are the time most associated with zander captures might be a clue as to why I for one had never noticed it before. The one last thing feel I must mention about this picture that intrigues me is the light flecks that can been seen on right hand side of the iris. Oddly though I think it is just simply minute particles of god only knows what on the clear outer eye, but I suspect that the reason they are only visible on one side of the iris that they are actually being illuminated from behind by light reflecting off the tapetum layer at the back of the eye, much as a cats eye reflects your cars headlights at night. 

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  1. Hi Daniel.

    Been reading your blog for some time,well done its amazing. I visit Coombe as my partner is from just around the corner any chance I could pick your brains about the fishery as its quite daunting to fish. I am interested in the bream /tench/perch and silvers. any advice would be great,is it worth visting in winter etc what pegs. you can contact me vis

    Also I fancy fishing the canal near The Rose and Crown or Grey hound

    Many Thanks


    many thanks