Thursday, 6 December 2018

Practice sessions (Ashby).

With the lure fishing match season well under way I really wanted to start focusing on pinpointing some good areas on the local canals for any upcoming matches in the near future. Hopefully by keeping abreast of the areas that are more prevalent I can save time on searching out good areas and concentrate on catching fish instead on the match day. With this in mind I went to the Ashby canal for a practice session to try and confirm if it has any potential. I should say at this point that I have actively avoided the Ashby as it's a local focus point of the ill founded attempts to stem the spread the local zander population (something you will see is totally pointless later).

Venue = Ashby canal - Marston junction up - 4hrs

Total = 278cm

This little foray was very surprising to me. Certainly there was distinct lack of zander on this heavily persecuted SSSI area, but what it lacked in zander it certainly made up for in quality perch and on a searching foray I was over the moon with nearly three meters of fish. It has definitely given me a few areas to target and a bit more concentration on those areas in the future could make some very nice lengths in the future. As for the zander zapping you can see I caught one little zander and I should mention two other similar size one came adrift before I had chance to land them and given that those three are probably just the tip of the ice berg, you can see how little effect culling them has as this area was supposedly cleared less than a year ago.

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