Friday, 7 December 2018

Practice session (GU - Leamington Spa) - A case of cat and mouse.

With the LACC pairs open quickly approaching I was in desperate need to tune into the Grand Union canal where it was going to be held. The only problem was that competitors were asked to keep off the canal for a good period before to let the venue have a rest before it got smashed to pieces by sixty odd anglers thrashing the living hell out of it. So this in mind I opted to fish the same canal just off the match stretch so as I could try and tune into the conditions and methods ready for the upcoming match. Why it is that I have never fished this stretch of canal is beyond me as I live a very short journey away. Anyway with a short session available the weekend prior to the match I headed down to the very urban Leamington town section to try a get myself in sync with this unknown bit of water.

Venue = Grand union - Leamington Spa town sections - 3hrs

perch 22cm
perch 26cm
perch 18cm
perch 28cm
Total = 94cm

As the catch for the LACC pairs comp is only four perch and four zander I only included the four best perch that I caught. I did actually catch quite a few more though which leads me to the conclusion that the perch quota of the catch for the competition should be easy enough to fill. The zander on the other hand I feel will be the key to this match. Firstly I struggled to find them in the clear leaf filled water and the two I did encounter on this occasion were small and not that into attacking judging from the way they were just holding onto the tail of the lures.
As for what I learned about the Grand union canal in urban Leamington it pretty simple, it's clear, its lined with dog shit, it used by the local addicts to shoot up, there's loads of cool graffiti on and it's not a place to take the family for a walk after Sunday lunch.


  1. That graffiti is awesome 😎

    1. There is a grim reaper in a gondola that's done to look like it on the canal just down from the big wall of graffiti.