Friday, 19 February 2010

Daniels dream

In the late evening sun bright blue damsel flies harried each other to retain their hard won territories near the edge of the ancient lake. Clouds of small insects buzzed near the surface and random swirls of small fish appeared to snatch any that landed on the water. In a quiet lily filled corner of the lake a hidden statue like figure crouched in a gap between the reeds transfixed by a tiny red float top poking above the water close to the lily bed. A sudden movement in the lily pads broke his vigil as he turned to look. Under the water a shoal of tiny Rudd flashed excitedly as they picked at the bounty they had discovered on the bottom. From the shadows of the lilies a huge dark shape of a carp appeared cruising slowly out into the light filled water. Stopping momentarily her fins flared as she again caught the foreign scent that had roused her from a sun induced trance deep within her sanctuary under the lily bed. The movement of the shoal of Rudd confirmed the location of what she sought. As she moved closer the nervous little fish scattered fearful of the presence of a much larger fish. Nearing the smell it became stronger, then something white fluttering near the bottom caught her eye and she dipped to investigate.
Above the water, ripples emanated from the red float top, followed a quick jerk, then the white quill float rose slowly and fell sideways flat onto the surface before sliding slowly away under the water.....

And when i woke from this heavenly summer dream this was the sight that greeted me!

As nothing really happened on this session i have little to write, but what follows are a selection of photos for your amusement. And yes someone was out fishing in the blizzard on Thursday. Me.

There is only one thing i can say right now.

Will this infernal winter ever end!!!!!!

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  1. I thought it was just me out on Thursday, Danny! I was caught out by the forecast - some rain, sleet and possibly some snow from noon. My arse! We had all that for an hour and then snow just fell from the sky for the rest of the day! Good fun though...!