Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The quest continues...

Dedication; perseverance; patience; hope; guile; shrewdness; self belief; cunning. These are all attributes i believe that a person needs to be a winter carp angler. I though am running a bit short of all of the above right now.

In short my Sunday morning session produced exactly Zip! The only good thing to come from this session was meeting Roger Booth when i moved swim. The hour and a bit i spent chatting to him gave me enough info and tips to keep me continuing this winter carp madness until they actually start feeding in the spring. Thanks Roger.

1 comment:

  1. I winter carped for one single 24 hour session back in the Dark Ages, and, as the lake froze right up to the rod tip during the longest night of my entire life, I saw clearly that winter was better spent tickling for other, 'more wintery' species. Don't thank Roger for keeping you at it Danny, madness is what it really, really is, he is obviously, insane...!