Thursday, 15 April 2010

Back for more slimy green butterbellies.

My tench addiction has in the last week sparked off with vengeance and the only way to satisfy this ever present itch in my mind which causes me to think non stop about those little slimy green butterbellies is to go out and chase them.

With some lieu time burning a hole in my pocket and the sun shining, an afternoon session on Tuesday night seemed the perfect way to scratch said itch. I had heard on Monday night that Pete, another member of the challenge quartet, had bagged a few tench and a nice carp from the shallow bay at ryton that evening. So I knew they were still hanging round where I had been fishing the previous Sunday.

I arrived to a balmy but windswept ryton pool around 2.30pm. I cast out one rod with a pva bag into an area I suspected would yield a tench, and the other rod to some boisterous carp down the bank. I stood back and waited.

It didn't take long for the bag rod to go off, much to the delight of a couple of passing children. One of which had just proclaimed "theres no fish in here", and was promptly razzed by his companion when I bent into the fish. There faces were a picture when I unfolded the net and gave them a close up look at this nice female tench of around 3.5lb.

Though the sun was warm the wind was cutting into me as it blasted into my face and was causing me no end of problems as it battered my lines and hampered my casts. But perseverance paid off when the same rod went off again an hour later, resulting in a male tench of 4lb who once again proved that male tench have to be awkward as it ploughed around the swim trying to get into every snag within reach.

Not long after this fish the weather made a dramatic change as a band of cloud appeared on the horizon. Once the cloud blocked the sun, the temprature dropped at least five degrees which resulted in an instant stop to any bites. After sitting it out for another hour or so I was beginning to suffer and opted to make a move under the wind to a shelterd swim on the opposite bank for my own comfort for the last few hours. I did get a few liners in the new swim but the change in temp and light had by now taken it's effect and the lake had fallen quiet, as had my buzzers.

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  1. Sorry mate, that photo of you with the Tench still says "give us a kiss" to me.

    Know the number of any good councilors?

    BTW it's the Tench I was after....