Monday, 12 April 2010

Ryton pays out a point.

With the heartbreak of last week behind me I decided to return to Ryton for a short morning session. I had been carefully studying the weather and knew that the fish were starting to move, which together I thought would give a decent chance of a run or two. For once I was right!

Upon arriving I was surprised to be the first one there. So with time on my hands I wandered round the lake before  beginning. There were no obvious signs of fish anywhere but with the wind blowing into the shallow bay and the recent high temps I decided to fish a swim in the woods, hoping it would be good place to start.

Fishing two rods, one with a pop up, the other with a pva bag full of goodies and bottom bait on the hook, it didn't take long for my bottom bait rod to shoot off with the bite alarm screaming. The first tench of the day, a fish of the 3.6lb was soon on the bank.

At this point I had a feeling a good session was on the cards and quickly recast back to the same spot. The next run came only fives minutes later this time a much bigger fish managed to escape only feet from the net. But it didn't take long to go again resulting in the biggest fish of the day a long 5.8lb female.

Now I knew there was few in front of me and that they were up for it I switched my other rod to an identical rig and made up two spare hook lengths, these combined with some Korda quick change swivels meant could recast a prebaited rig back onto the spot immedatley after reeling in or catching a fish.
All morning and afternoon my bite indicators were sounding with liners or runs and I added two more fish of 4lb and 2.5lb as well as losing another two.

Of all the fish this little herbert was the one that gave me the most trouble. Forcing me to step into the lake up to my knees to keep it from getting snagged up under a tree and was the only male fish I caught all day.

Finally I found myself in the unnerving position that I only needed one more fish to get my tench point. The waiting for this last fish was absolute agony but eventually the Baitrunner screamed again and my final fish of 3.8lb was in the net and with 18.6lb I was finally on the board at last..

I have to thank Barry (Return to Ryton) who was fishing down the bank, for helping my out by taking some of the photos and netting a couple of the fish as I tried to keep them out of a snag and from tangling my other line.

Eventually I had go home as this short session had overrun by at least four hours and I was more than a little hungry. As I drove home the rising smell of tench slime that was generously spread over my top by a couple of lively bars of soap brought a satisfied smile to my face.

I intend to go back one evening in the week to try and bag a few more, hopefully some bigger ones... 


  1. As you know Dan our shared acquaintance Pete fished Ryton this evening.

    I was passing on my way to a committee meeting so dropped in for a chat. As he has no organ himself I can tell you he had three tench for exactly 12lb and a mirror carp at 13lb 2oz. All in the hour I was there too so I was busy on the net and camera.

    Sounds like Ryton is switching on....

  2. Nice work Danny!

    Those boys do pull back, don't they? I had a two pounder male up the cut last summer that I thought would run to at least five or six before I finally managed to get it up in the water where I was confronted with the little tinca.

  3. Good to see some Tench coming out in numbers at last. My Tench total this year is still currently a round number!