Thursday, 6 May 2010

New Tackle.

Whilst writing my last blog I neglected to report my latest tackle purchase. Bought whilst away on holiday, it is something I think may make the chasing of smaller species points in the challenge very interesting....

One day whilst strolling with my good lady along the rows of seaside tat shops that normally only sell useless trinkets and pan-pipe versions of classic albums I spotted something out the corner of my eye. Something of interest to a piscatorial obsessive such as myself on the hoarding of one of the afore mentioned tat shops.
Fishing tackle!
Being absolutely unable to stop myself investigating, the course of our leisurely stroll took a drastic change of direction straight into this Aladdin's cave, much to the lady's protest. Inside the shelves were filled with a variety of cheap and useless objects, but the location of the advertised tackle remained hidden until in a corner I saw a large black bin filled with what I was looking for! No not a bundle of Diawa infinity carp rods, no not hand made split cane orvis fly rods but something much, much better.

For the princely sum of one hundred English pennies I bought this!

A genuine Chinese made bamboo fishing pole.

Whilst telling a work college about this purchase he made a passing comment that I would look like some kind of gnome fishing with it and should get a hat to finish of the ensemble.

How could I possibly resist...

Not satisfied by producing just the hat I penned this rough design for a matching fishing seat to really give the look that finishing touch.

I am now thinking I should approach some of the big tackle manufacturers to see if they want to put my design into production.


  1. Is there mush room inside it Danny?

    You really are a fun gi to be around!

    arf arf.

  2. Fantastic photo old bean been the pipe makes you look very distinguished.