Monday, 10 May 2010

Well timed tench.

Friday afternoon I nipped out of work early to go and have a few hours at Ryton. Walking round the pool I spotted Barry fishing in the woods and went over for a chat. I fancied fishing the windward end of the lake and as Barry took a nice tench whilst I stood chatting to him, I opted to fish the adjacent swim. The fish at Ryton have begun responding to the method feeder of late, so I fired one out into deeper water across the lake. On the other rod I stuck with a short zig rig to try and intercept any mobile carp. Though the company was good on this side of the lake the fishing proved exactly the opposite and after two hours the only thing that had turned up on the bank was Roger. When I first arrived and walked once round the lake I had debated whether to fish the road bank but the woods had tempted me away. But now after two bite free hours my gut instinct was telling me to get over there quick. Once in place I cast the method into a known feeding spot and fired the zig right over past the feeding station. The zig hadn't even settled before It slowly pulled off. Though after lifting into no resistance I suspected a unseen water bird may have been responsible. A text message informed me my session was soon to be over as I had to go and pick Jacky up from the station so I slowly packed up. As I did Barry turned up to say goodbye. We had only been talking for a couple of minutes when my method rod went from silent to full on screaming as a fish shot off. A nice tench of around four pounds was soon in the net and saved me from the dreaded blank. Barry did the honours with the camera. But I had totally forgot that I had just lit a fag hence the fag in gob hillbilly look I am sporting in the photo. Ye haa 

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