Monday, 19 July 2010

Chances taken always pay off.

Never being one to miss an opportunity to get out for a last minute session my ears pricked up like an elf when Jacky told me she was going out for drinks in Leamington with some work colleagues on Wednesday night. Being the absolute gent I am I kindly offered to drop her off and pick her up albeit with a short fishing trip down the river in between.

It seemed the perfect chance to investigate a long held theory of mine that the bottom field at wasperton should hold some big perch. My original plan was to fish opposite the weir right at the very end of the stretch but upon arriving found it was bank to bank cabbages across the bottom of the river so instead settled next to an large overhanging willow upstream.

I didn't wet a line till eight and the first hour proved fruitless. But trying to be positive I slowly trickled in small balls of riddled mole hill and chopped worm interspersed with tiny Asda smart price peeled prawns.

With only one 2oz perch to show for my efforts I suspected it may not get any better. That was until the sun dropped below the hill on the far bank, and then it went berserk. From nine till ten the rod tip wasn't still for a moment. The next perch that took my lob worm was a pretty ten ounce minter.

After this as correctly predicted by Keith the text clairvoyant, a thick set near 6lb bream snaffled my bait.

I did manage to winkle out a few more perch as the evening drew in and the best of the bunch was this 1lb fish that lead me a merry dance under the willow.

Before I had to go the perch disapeared and some small chub moved in. Two heavily prawn filled one pound examples both decided that a tasty lobworm would be the perfect way to top off their supper of shellfish which both regurgitated once on the bank.

Every fish I caught in this impromptu session was in absolutely perfect condition and after the little success with the perch I feel sure there has to be a few two pound fish or even three's and dare I even say it four's...


  1. Nice one Danny. I was going to give the weir stretch a go last week but couldn't make it. Now going on Wed or Thurs. You say that bit opposite the big reed beds is stuffed with cabbages?

  2. The river at waspo is very clear and very weedy all through the bottom stretch. I will offer this advice to any one considering fishing it.
    I had no bites until the light went and on a second session sunday morning had nothing at all.