Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I just couldn't help it...

"Hello my name is Daniel and I am a tench fishing addict"

Leave a kid alone in a sweet shop and you know what will happen. Put a goat in your back garden and all the flowers are gone. Leave your steak tea alone with your dog and it won't be there when you return.
These are all exactly the same scenario as introducing a self confessed tench addict to Napton reservoir...

I just couldn't help myself returning for a quick go Sunday morning. Same swim, same tactics, with a slight tackle modification; I left the pole alone and replaced it with a fourteen foot power waggler rod and fixed spool reel.

There is only one way to describe the gargantuan bonanza of tinca I encountered. And that is via the medium of vision.

This is what happened...

Until I looked back at the photos I never spotted the number 18 on the side of this fish!

Thirty tench between 2-4lbs all pictured in order of capture. I feel sure that somewhere in that lot there may be one or two repeat captures, but honestly I couldn't be bothered to spend as much time trying to tell one from the other as I did catching them in the first place. But if anyone has the time or inclination they can email me their findings on thisisnotarealemailaddress@hotmail.co.uk

In the mess of tench I did bag four nice perch like this one which added 3.2.lbs of perch as well.

A nice 1lb perch to finish the day.

I know most people would say that 30 tench in one session should satisfy anyone but I will be frank and honest when saying the only reason I stopped when I did was that I ran out of bait.

"I know I have a problem, but with help from my friends I will do my best to conquer this crippling affliction"


  1. Bleedin' show-off! Seriously, nice one. Must get down there soon.

  2. That's 13 females and 17 males by my reckoning! that can't have been far off the ton! Fair play Dan, top tenchin !

  3. means the game is on for us all on thursday....

  4. Dan,

    excellant bag of fish. well done.


  5. Fantastic catch of tench Danny! Well done! Do you get a bonus point for the weight challenge? ;-)