Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Not so much a thumbs up day....

I am sure I have probably said this before but I will say it again for anyone who missed it; the Warwickshire Avon can be a hard mistress. Some days she is generous and her bounty overflows and other days she just pulls your pants down and kicks you up the arse. After my mid week evening success that had been before the on and off torrential down pours of rain I half suspected that a little colour in the river and an early start would mean I might stand the chance of a few bites on Sunday morning. I was wrong! The river whooped me good. Three fruitless hours and I'd had enough. To save the blank I made the short trip across the field to college pool, a venue I have never even cast a line into, to try and at least get a bite.

Not knowing anything about this pool at all and only having my river gear with me I threw caution to the wind, lobbed out a ground bait feeder on my barbel rod and hoped. I got instant results by the way of a slew of tiny voracious perch. An hour in my tip slowly slid round and I hooked something a little better. T'was my daily bream which seem to turn up every session at the moment and at 6.1lb was more than welcome.

The perch continued right until the end. I did hook one other better fish that came off which I have my suspicions about....

To top off this up and down day as I left the car park to go home I somehow manged to catch my thumb in the metal gate, dislocating it and leaving it pointing in a rather interesting and unnatural angle. I instinctively whacked it back then went and lent on the car for ten minutes feeling rather sick, cradling my thumb whilst it throbbed like a drum at mardi gras.

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